Spring Management

ft. Adding Supers, Splitting a Hive, Replacing a Queen

Our September Field Day 29th September 2019 @10am

Fingers crossed for good weather so we can get out into the apiary at the club and have a look inside some hives. Learning how to manipulate frames in the brood box to make way for the queen to lay. Maybe it’s time to split your hive, having two hives can sometimes be better for hive health and maintenance.
Have a look in your hives this week so we can answer any questions you may have.

Some of you may be thinking of requeening your hive this year, queens will soon be available, learn some great tips on introducing a queen into a hive.

New Season Honey

Has anyone been lucky enough to extract some honey from their hive this season, bring along a jar  it’s always fun to show off the bees and your achievements.


Beekeeping for Beginners Courses

The September Course was very full, with 21 attendees and another 8 helpers, thank you everyone for another successful day.

The Orchid Show

I have been able to secure some tickets to the Orchid Show 11th Oct to 13th Oct held at the Sutherland Basketball Stadium if you are interested in going as a Club Representative (that means you have to work on the club stall for a few hours) please see me for a free ticket.

The Abbey at Jamberoo Visit

Absolutely breathtaking, the grounds at Jamberoo are set high on Jamberoo Mountain with stunning views overlooking the ocean, a backdrop of tall pine trees and bushy undergrowth and  a huge lake. Sister Veronica was a delightful host, we were treated to a cuppa before a lovely presentation on how she started her journey into beekeeping, a remarkable woman she cares for up to 23 top bar hives by herself. Her lovely gentle way with the bees was inspiring, no smoker, calm and quiet as she worked her way through the hive to show us how a top bar hive works. Thanks to Carolyn, Geoff and Andrew for organising.

August Night Meeting     

A more relaxed night meeting than usual could have had something to do with the mead samples, thank you Peter for your thoughts on Making Mead, I hope it inspired some of you to have a go and if you missed out please join our next Beginners Mead Appreciation Group Meeting on November 21st 7pm.

Lots of talk about Bruce White’s great presentation at the August Field day and we were able to answer some interesting questions on swarm prevention and other bee related issues.

see ya all Sunday 29th.