What exactly is a Bee Swarm?

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Bees swarming is a natural occurrence most often occurring in spring and in summer. Bee swarms are identified by a mass of bees clustered on a post or hanging from a tree or some other structure and looks like a live bunch of grapes. The bees may stay in this cluster for a few minutes up to a few days while they look for a new home.

Swarming bees typically are not dangerous if they are left alone. Bee swarms are simply in transit looking for a new home and should only be handled by an experienced beekeeper or swarm collector. You may get stung if you attempt to spray them with a hose, smoke or insecticide.

Remember the important role bees play in fertilizing many of our nuts, fruit and vegetables. One in every three bites we eat we owe to the work bees do to pollinate plants. Why not try to contact a beekeeper to have the swarm removed and placed in a beehive.

If you want to learn more about swarms you can read Everything You Need to Know about Bee Swarms here.

Swarm Collection

If you have a problem with a swarm of bees and would like them removed visit  The Amateur Beekeepers Association of NSW (ABA) website and enter your area info and you can find a beekeeper that   The ABA run a swarm removal program where an experienced and registered beekeeper from just about anywhere in NSW will come and collect the swarm safely and with little or no cost to you. These bees will then be rehomed to a more suitable area.

Got a Swarm? Find Out More Here!

If the bee population suddenly died out, humans would have only 4 years to live.

Albert Eintstein

The happiness of the bee and the dolphin is to exist. For man it is to know that and to wonder at it.

Jacques Yves Cousteau

Tart words make no friends; a spoonful or honey will catch more flies than a gallon of vinegar.

Benjamin Franklin