About emmanuel

Emmanuel has been beekeeping since 2013 and is an active member of the Illawarra Branch of the ABA. He has his own backyard apiary in Sydney's inner west, collects swarms, runs a small hobby website that sells honey and bee products called Save Our Bees and helps with the IT related tasks of our branch.
just looking after things here for a bit

Our Past Newsletters and Reminders

Our Monthly Newsletters and Reminders Some people have asked to see our past newsletters distributed by the mailchimp system. There is a full history of newsletters available and it's archived online. You can view any or all of these by clicking the button below. SEE OUR PAST NEWSLETTERS for 2017 HERE!

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Bushcares’ Major Day Out

Bushcares’ Major Day Out A national day designed to encourage us all to take part in the restoration and maintenance of our remaining urban bushland. For this year's key date we will engage the wider community with our Bushcare Fair which will bring all our Bushcare partners together. This inaugural event will feature displays,

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Scone Recipe Courtesy of Margaret Mills

SCONE RECIPE Courtesy of Margaret Mills If you've visited one of our club meetings, events or field days you've most likely sampled some of the Scones prepared by Margaret Mills. So after many requests from Margarets' fans to share this recipe here it is. A very special thanks to Margaret for sharing her secrets. Ingredients

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Tocal Field Day 2017

A free event for beekeepers and beekeepers-to-bee | Saturday 14th of October 2017 Reserve Your Seat Today We are currently gathering names of those interested in going on a planned charter bus to this event. If we get enough people willing to go, we will charter a bus so we need to know if you are interested! Costs will

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UTS Science: Worms & Honey – Unlikely Heroes

UTS Science: Worms & Honey – Unlikely Heroes Could worms be the answer to halting Multiple Sclerosis? Could honey be the answer to antibiotic resistance? Don’t miss this double feature exploring these unlikely heroes A message from Nural Cokcetin and our friends at the UTS ithree institute, Faculty of Science. Hi Sydney beekeepers, UTS has

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Field Day for July 2017

Field Day 30 July 2017: Beehive Inspection On July 30, we held our mid winter field day for the year. When we opened one of the hives on Sunday we noticed a lot of activity including bees returning with pollen from various sources and the honey stores built up in the honey supers again. The bees are still

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Swarm Collectors 2017: Register Now

Swarm Collectors: Register Now! A request from our Secretary and swarm collections coordinator, Geoff Henning. Members requiring swarms must register details of your requirements confirmation of your DPI Registration You may do this by emailing Geoff by our contact us page, or you may call Geoff on 0466 976 520 It should also be noted, you MUST read, understand and

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Sale of Artworks

Sale of Artworks A Special Event that is not related to beekeeping, however, our Secretary Geoff Henning (who has no financial interest in this event) has asked that as a special favour to his now deceased friend of many decades, a fellow art student  and  professional artist his family wish to sell many of his works and that

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Field Day for June 2017

Field Day 25 June 2017: Honey Extraction Our Field Day in June 2017 featured an inspection of some hives in our apiary. We had a lot of new faces including parents and children that witnessed a working beehive close up for the first time. We even managed to extract some honey for the kids to take home. It

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Honeyland 2017: Report From Coordinator Bruce White

Honeyland Report 2017: Bruce White Coordinator Honeyland 2017   Honeyland is an opportunity for the NSW Apiarist Associations to promote the industry at the Sydney Royal Easter Show and for all members of beekeeping associations to volunteer together and promote beekeeping to the public Again another great year for Honeyland with only a few hiccups. Labels not

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