Our Objectives

  • Provide a forum for the exchange of views, information and ideas of mutual interest to beekeepers of a variety of disciplines;
  • Provide education on the practical aspects of beekeeping and encourage sustainable best practice principles as a means of enhancing hive health and productivity;
  • To seek out and assist people who are interested and qualified to carry out research work on bees and bee culture;
  • Foster cooperation between members of the Club;
  • Promote understanding and cooperation between the Club and the community regarding beekeeping;
  • Explore community education partnership opportunities;
  • Promote the interests of the Club’s membership that relate to bees and beekeeping;
  • Monitor and report bio-security threats, in keeping with current legislation and advise members on the timely and effective management of disease and pests;
  • Promote the environmental benefits of maintaining healthy bee populations, including to protect the honey and pollen flora of NSW and the interests of beekeepers;