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Working Together

Ever wondered if you can have honey bee’s in your own backyard? How easy it is to keep your hive healthy and your honey pure? Where you get the bees, how you can harvest your own raw sweet honey from the backyard? Why is the interest in honey bees growing and how can you get involved? How can you practice the gentle “art of urban beekeeping”

Raising Awareness

The Illawarra Beekeepers assoc. aims to raises awareness of bees and bee culture in our community through eduction and engagement. We off beekeeping courses for both the beginners and advanced educating and sharing skills in the keeping of bees. This is aimed to improve the standard of beekeeping amongst amateur beekeepers.

Why Keep Bees

Bees are under threat worldwide and Australia as an island is currently protected from many of the issues affecting bees world wide. Bees pollinate plants and without plants we wouldn’t have food. The whole of life on earth relies on bees. By becoming a bee keeper you are helping the local population of bees to be maintained in a managed way that will help ensure the bees survive should  some of these global issues arrive on our shores.

Keeping Bees is a truly fascinating hobby for all ages that can easily be practised no matter how small your house block is, we have members with bees in Sydney city terrace blocks only 3.5 meters wide. If you have a vegetable garden it will greatly benefit from the extra pollination from your own hive and you also get the benefit of making your own raw honey… it’s yummy fresh produce.

Latest Community Activity

Join Our Community

We are walking distance from Sutherland Station on the Bondi Junction to Illawarra (Cronulla or Waterfall lines). Follow the road to the bottom of Eton Street and go though the park gate. Our apiary is across the cycle track (road) in front of you. Car parking is available at the southern end of Eton Street. Our physical address is Eton St Sutherland NSW 2232 and the gate to our facility is next to 96 Eton St Sutherland where you’ll see a boom gate to walk through.


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