Beekeepers Shop @ Sutherland

Our Beekeepers Shop at the Sutherland Apiary

Our Apiary in Sutherland features a beekeepers shop where you will find beekeeping equipment, tools, books, wax, honey and other bee-related items. We don’t list these items online at the moment but you are encouraged to drop in and visit our beekeepers’ shop. See opening times and address details below.


Our Beekeepers Shop is stocked with beekeeping supplies, equipment for sale. We also have beekeeping equipment for loan to our club members (by arrangement with our shop manager). We also stock honey and beeswax supplied from our apiary and selected club members.

Opening Times

Thursday mornings from 9am to 12 noon

If you have an urgent enquiry, or need to return equipment our shop manager Ivan may be able to help you. But you must email Ivan with your questions and contact details including your phone number from the button below.

Looking for Items Available Online?

Visit our Online Beekeepers Shop