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Becoming a Member

2018 Membership

The Illawarra Beekeepers membership for 2018 is now run and managed on a statewide level by the ABA. Currently, members are advised that they may encounter a few changes to the way payments are structured compared to previous years however you need assistance please contact our membership officer, Janice, via our contact page.

Membership gives you access to all our facilities and experience, networking with other beekeepers, plus the option of insurance for your hives. You will also receive all the benefits of the Amateur Beekeepers Assoc. of NSW including:

  • a bi-monthly journal
  • field days to improve practical beekeeping skills
  • a swarm system to coordinate members’ efforts in collecting bee swarms

New memberships are now available for our branch via the statewide ABA system. To become a new member, or renew your subscriptions please click the button below.

A notice from the Branch President

We have a new [ABA] website and a new system for paying fees which isn’t quite what we expected. It’s important that our members understand that the money is split into 2 parts. Our club membership of the illawarra branch is needed to cover overheads such as electricity, hot water, toilet rolls, hand towels, tea/coffee and biscuits, insurance for our club building, tables, chairs and equipment as well as funding the website and newsletter from us.

If members do not pay this $20 per year amount which comes to our club, we will have to introduce a charge to attend the meetings and none of us want to do that. I hope this clarifies how the fees came about.

The $45 to the ABA helps to pay for the ABA newsletter, banners and equipment grants back to the clubs.

Lamorna Osborne. ABA & Illawarra Branch President

Renew your 2018 Subscriptions Here
2018 Beekeepers NEW Membership Instructions
2018 ABA Subscriptions Renewal Instructions

2018 Membership & Insurance Options For You

Single Member

$7000to 31.12.18

Family Member

$9500to 31.12.18

Insurance Cover A

$4400to 31.12.18

Insurance Cover B

$7000to 31.12.18

Insurance Cover C

$8500to 31.12.18

Got a problem with a Swarm?