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The Illawarra Beekeepers works in our community to educate and inform individuals and community groups.

We conduct several courses each year targeting from beginners to advanced beekeepers. These courses are always in high demand with one on one tuition and theory in our apiary.

Why Keep Bees

Bees are under threat worldwide and Australia as an island is currently protected from many of the issues affecting bees world wide.

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Learn Beekeeping

Do you want to get away from mass produced supermarket honey and learn how you can harvest honey from your backyard? One hive will produce more honey than you will need for the year so you will find you can either give away or sell the rest. Like most things there is a right and wrong way to keep bees.

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Course Bookings

We hold at least 4 courses beekeeping per year. To find out what courses are available, select the more info button below. Remember spots are very limited and they sell out fast so book ASAP to avoid disappointment!

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Join the BEE Course Waiting List

Our bee courses often sell out quickly. But you can be the first to be notified when new courses are announced if you join the waiting list. Just drop a note your name and details to our education team and you will join the front of the queue. We will then notify you as soon as dates are announced. Don’t miss out.

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    on average our 400 gram jar of honey needs 1050 honey bees to travel close to 180,000 kilometres visiting over 4.1 million flowers!

    another fact about bees and honey

    the average bee works it’s whole life to make
    just half a teaspoon of honey

    another fact about bees and honey

    Australia is the only continent free of the
    parasitic verroa mite

    another fact about bees and honey

    Our members include beekeepers with years of experience  willing to share their knowledge of tried and true methods in beekeeping.

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    We hold 2 meetings for most months of the year. This gives our members the opportunity to learn from other beekeepers, ask questions, participate in workshops and receive all the support needed to get you on the right track in beekeeping.

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    As a beekeeper, one of the many benefits in joining the a branch of the ABA is insurance cover and protection. The insurance offered to ABA members is not compulsory but highly recommended and covers a great deal and may be difficult to get without the strength of the ABA as a collective

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