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A Note to our Memebers & Guests

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 Crisis, Illawarra Beekeepers have our regular meetings still on hold. We do hope these meetings will return to normal in the coming year but until then meetings will be on hold until further notice. However, we are now hosting Live Streams of our monthly night meetings.

Currently, our Live Streams are scheduled monthly on th second Thursday of the month at 7pm. These meetings will feature specific bee related topics plus youare able to participate in a Q&A session.  You are able to view our Live Streams here.

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And remember our website is updated regularly to keep you informed on all the news and events happening at our club. Visit our website to find out all the info on upcoming events for the year and loads of more free information.

Your Safety is our Priority

The Illawarra Beekeepers Assoc. Inc. is committed to your safety when visiting our apiary and bee facility. This includes wearing appropriate clothing, long pants & closed-toed shoes a must when inspecting hives. Therefore you must acknowledge and agree to the our terms and conditions found here at