Australian Native Bee Hive Management

ft Dr Tim Heard | ABA of NSW Field Day 2019

Australian Native Bee Hive Management featuring Dr Tim Heard. This was recorded live at the Amateur Beekeepers Assoc of NSW 2019 Field Day. Check it out for FREE on our youtube channel here

Dr Tim Heard is an entomologist, Ex CSIRO research scientist and also a long term stingless bee keeper and promoter of Native Bees. Tim completed his University Doctoral Studies on using these bees for crop pollination.

He has since published 70 research papers and popular articles on bees and pollination. Dr Heard transferred his first hive from a cut down tree into a wooden box in 1985 and now manages hundreds of hives of three species around South East Queensland. These were obtained by rescuing threatened wild hives and dividing existing ones.

Dr Heard has developed new hive designs that allow for easy propagation and sustainable extraction of honey, without harming the colony. He has presented workshops and seminars for more than 30 years on bees in general and keeping stingless bees in particular. Also the author of The Australian Native Bee Book which is a best seller and award winner.

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The Australian Native Bee Book

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