Bee Stings (Part 2) First Aid & Treatment

ft Dr Lamorna Osborne

Bee Stings (part 2) First Aid & Treatment

In our second installment of bee stings, Dr Lamorna Osborne looks at First Aid & Treatment to aid quick recovery when a bee stings you. Dr Osborne is not only a GP but first started beekeeping back in 2011. Since then, she has been stung a few times, but her personal beekeeping experience has given her many opportunities to observe the best treatments. In this video we cover many points including removing the stinger, allergic reactions, anaphylaxis, reaching emergency services, topical treatments, epipens, adrenaline, and relieving anxiety after being stung. We also look at the facts and figures behind bee stings versus other stings that have led to hospital admission.

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This is another video in a number that we have produced for members of the illawarra beekeepers Association and all hobby beekeepers for the management of their colonies.

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