Beekeeping during COVID-19 as of July 2021

Given how many beekeepers are probably asking “Can I attend to my bees?”, we thought it would be a good idea to publish this. Taken from the NSW dpi website.

Can I Attend to My Bees?

According to the NSW DPi, this will depend on whether you are a recreational or commercial beekeeper.

Recreational operators are required to adhere to the Public Health Order and stay at home. Given the current health risks, there is nothing in the NSW Biosecurity Act that compels recreational beekeepers to breach, or be exempt from, the Public Health Order.

Commercial operations can conduct their business in accordance with the Public Health Order, as a reasonable excuse to leave home in the restricted movement area. Businesses should:

  • Have a COVID Business Safety Plan and ensure your workers follow this when on duty
  • Whilst travelling outside of the restricted movement areas, only stop for essential reasons such as rest stops, meal breaks, fuel, necessary supplies, or an emergency, and wear a mask while travelling.
  • Follow all requirements for workers moving from restricted movement areas. This information may change regularly, and you should review frequently to ensure your business is complying. This includes mandatory testing and digital record keeping of workers and their movements.

For more up to date information and how it applies to you, go to or seek advise from your local government.

Recommendation when travelling

DPI recommends all beekeepers to carry a copy of their current DPI issued certificate of beekeeper registration when travelling in case they are questioned while on the road. Beekeepers who require a copy of their certificate of registration should contact

You may also wish to print this advice and carry a copy with you.

Please remember that you must continue to practice social distancing at all times when carrying out beekeeping activities.

Further information

Should beekeepers require information around the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on primary industries, please visit the DPi page on Outdoor activities and animal welfare or email the COVID-19 Primary Industries Liaison Team