BEE STINGS (Part 1) Best Practices to Avoid Getting Stung

ft Bruce White

Bee Stings are something a beekeeper will experience, eventually. And it’s important to know the best practices to avoid getting stung. In the first part of this 2 part series, we look at the best things every beekeeper can do to keep safe. Bruce White talks about stings and shows the Best Practices to Avoid Getting Stung. New beekeepers especially will learn some tips about the things to do to avoid bee stings when opening or working with hives. We should also remember most bees only sting as a last resort and not only are bee stings sometimes painful, a bee will almost certainly die when she stings a human. Because unlike wasps, a worker bee’s stinger has a barb and this will rip out her venom sack. So avoiding bee stings is better for the beekeeper and the bee.

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This is another video in a number that we have produced for members of the illawarra beekeepers Association and all hobby beekeepers for the management of their colonies.

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