Spring Management in Beekeeping

illawarra beekeepers Field Day 29 09 2019

At the illawarra beekeepers September 2019 we covered Spring Management of a Honey Bee Hive. This video was recorded live featuring a presentation by the Branch President, Penny Downy. Plus answers to many questions from Clem Mills. We then went out to the apiary where Penny goes through a beehive and explains points on Spring Management. The points covered can be found at the following chapters.

The points covered can be found at the following chapters.

0:00:23 Q&A session

0:26:26 Manipulating Honey/Pollen Bound Brood

0:27:15 Honey Bound Brood

0:28:04 Pollen Bound Brood Frame

0:28:31 Manipulating the Brood frame

0:29:23 Contents of a typical Nuc Box

0:30:31 Queen in cage with escort worker bees

0:32:07 Honey Bee Life Cycle Chart

0:35:57 Honey Bee Life Cycle Observations

0:38:49 Identifying a Queen Cell

0:39:26 A brood frame with different cells

0:40:45 The life cycle of honey bees diagram

0:41:06 Adding supers to a hive

0:47:09 Replacing a Queen

0:50:29 opening the super

0:54:52 opening the brood box

0:55:51 separating frames in the brood box

0:59:14 spotting the Queen

0:59:40 placing the frame with the Queen back in the brood box

1:00:30 shaking the bees back into the brood box

1:01:55 finding eggs

1:06:19 finding a frame to use for a split

1:06:38 Explaining the multi-function hive tool

1:09:17 Finding hive beetles

1:10:10 Deciding which frames to remove from the super

1:10:37 Closing the hive & end of inspection