Swarm Prevention and Queen Spotting with Bruce White

10am Sunday 25th August 2019 at Bee Garden Sutherland

With the spring sunshine fast approaching it’s time to have a look inside your hives. Join in and pick up some great tips from Bruce White who has kindly offered to share his wealth of knowledge on these two very interesting topics.

Just a quick thank you to everyone that has jumped in to help with this field day in my absence. We also need a little help on Sunday with the rubbish from the recent cleanup, which is sitting in the trailer at the back of the club. The trailer and a couple of boot loads needs to be taken to Engadine for a council cleanup at Ivan’s house. I know it would have been easier if the council were to come and pick up the rubbish from the club but apparently that wasn’t permitted. Please see Ivan on Sunday if you are able to assist.

Thank you to the members that have offered to help at the September Course it’s great to have your support and we look forward to another successful day.

Would any south coast members be interested in adding to their Apiary, there is host site available in Lake Illawarra please email me if you are interested.

Sorry to be missing this field day, see ya all next month.

Branch President