Beekeeping Q & A Session

Night Meeting Thus 08 FEB 2018: Your Chance to Ask for Beekeeping Tips, Tricks & Problem Solving for the Warmer Weather

Have the warm summer days in Sydney over the last few weeks left your bees feeling a little hot and exhausted? Are you seeing the signs of bees suffering from the heat? Are your bees bringing in nectar and pollen at the moment? Do you have something you’d like to share with our beekeeper members?

Well, our next night meeting gives you the opportunity to ask questions, listen and learn from other members. We will discuss any issues with beekeeping during spring and summer. Come along with your questions and share your experiences to date.

Got Something to Contribute?

If you have a beekeeping comment or a question you’d like answered, please post it here and we’ll address it at the meeting or post an answer here.