Field Day Sunday 28th January

Happy New Year everyone we hope you have all had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year.

The summer months are always a very busy time both at the club and with our own hives wherever they may be. Lots of nectar coming in still, keeping the bees busy turning it into honey and keeping us busy extracting, along with lots of honey also means a lot of wax cappings and what to do with the wax collected, you might ask well, this Field Day we will be collecting donations of wax capping from anyone that doesn’t have a use for their wax and we will put it through the melter to make some blocks of wax to sell in the shop. We will also discuss uses for beeswax, if anyone has a sample of something they make from beeswax please bring it along for show and tell.

We will also need a hand to go through the hives in the apiary as some of the hives will need to have frames removed and the honey extracted, so this will be a great opportunity for new members to practice opening a hive with instruction from some experienced members, please bring along your suits, smoker and sterilised hive tool.

Just a reminder to anyone that hasn’t paid their memberships fee yet or if you are having trouble with the computer payments please see Janice before or after the meeting.

Last Minute Update

We have confirmed Bruce White will be demonstrating wax melting using a microwave oven. This is a must-see for hobbyist beekeepers who have just a few hives and want to process their wax cappings efficiently and easily to convert into candles or balms, for example. Usually processing wax is a very difficult process unless you have a solar or a costly electric wax melter. So make sure you attend!!