Auction Sale Of Equipment From Bob Perkins’ Estate

Lifetime member and highly regarded within the beekeeping community Bob Perkins, was an innovator and craftsman in all beekeeping and queen rearing equipment.

Bobs’ equipment is well made and in very good condition. A donation from his estate of beekeeping equipment was made to the Illawarra club and after much sorting, we are finally offering club members the opportunity to purchase this remaining equipment.

Viewing of equipment will take place after the field day activities from 11.30am on 24th September 2017. Anyone that would like a list of equipment for sale please email Penny via the button below and you will receive a copy.

Please Note: It’s important we conduct this sale in the most appropriate and fitting manner being respectful of Bob, his equipment and what he would have wanted. Much time has been invested in collecting these items and organising this sale with thanks to Penny, Ian Phillips and Bruce White. For these reasons, the sale of items at this stage will only be available to club branch members and you may be asked to prove your membership if you bid on an item. If you have any questions please contact Penny via the button below. The committee thanks you for your understanding.