We Won Funding from Flow to Educate Kids

Introduction to bees and Pollinators (school holiday program)

Recently, we told you about our application for funding to create a school holiday program to educate kids about bees. and we’re happy to tell you the people at Flow Hive have awarded us a $5000 grant to assist our project. Many thanks to Penny who successfully applied for the grant. And of course a big thank you to the people at Flow for their support.

We got the funding, a big thank you to everyone that helped us get the votes, website and bulletin advertising, Facebook posts and everyone that shared friends and family members, friends of friends. Every vote counted. Now would anyone like to volunteer to help run the project in October?
Happy days. Cheers Penny

So now we have been approved with funding, we need your help. Volunteers, please let us or Penny know via our contact page or email Penny via the button below.