Feeding Bees with Bruce White

A Step By Step Video

Learn to Feed Bees the right way. Featuring reasons for feeding bees, different feeders & mixes, how much honey is needed by your bees & a special demo showing how bees store syrup in the super & brood boxes. You can view it for free by clicking the play button below or visiting on youtube here.

A very special thanks to Bruce White OAM, for generously sharing his knowledge & time to make this video possible.

We feed bees sugar syrup only to sustain the colony

The important thing to remember is when we are talking about feeding bees sugar syrup, we are only feeding bees to sustain the colony and give the bees energy. We are not feeding bees to get honey. It’s always important to understand this point so there is no question that bees are fed sugar syrup to keep them alive, not to produce honey.

Video Contents

Chapters include:

00:00 feeding bees intro

00:15 reasons for feeding bees

00:39 3 different types of mixtures for feeding bees

00:50 spring mix for feeding bees

01:16 autumn mix for feeding bees

01:28 dry sugar moistened with water

02:14 how much honey is needed by bees heading into winter

03:09 where bees place sugar syrup

03:54 where bees store syrup in the super

04:55 where bees store syrup in the brood box

05:44 different methods to feed the colony

06:00 the frame feeder

07:18 filling frames with sugar syrup

08:56 internal feeder tray

10:45 PET bottle feeder

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