Our night meeting for 12 July 2018 will a presentation covering the recent 2018 ABA conference.

Presented by Illawarra Branch Members

  • Chantelle Gartside
  • Penny Downy
  • Leah Healey
  • Kevin Dolan-Brown
  • Tanya Dolan-Brown
  • Lamorna Osborne
Illawarra Bee Club had a strong representative presence at the conference. The program was exceptional with very topical and interesting speakers. The conference was opened by NSW Governor David Hurley. Governor Hurley did his Introductory Beekeeping Course at Our Club. He is a passionate beekeeper and has had some success in the Easter Show Honey Competitions.
Some of our members who attended will give a short overview of the topics.
The presenters were

Costa Georgiadis: Planting for Bees
Stuart Anderson: Inventor of the Flo Hive 3 years on.
Dr Mark Greco: How Bees Learn and Remember
Des Cannon: How to turn a hobby into a business
Dr Rosina Rader: Bees as Pollinators What’s New
Dr Emily Remnant: Bee Genetics & Developing Resistance to Viruses
Prof Simon Haberie: The Australasian Pollen & Spore Analysis

Q and A at the end of the session if you have any concerns you need to be answered.
Special mention and thanks to Sue Edwards and Bronwyn Musulin for preparing this information.