The 2019 ABA Conference was held 7th 8th and 9th June.

With 21 speakers the diversity was great, from University students, native bee experts, an instagram celebrity, artists, a journalist.

We learnt about bees both Native and European, diseases, pests, pollination, habitat and climate change, photography and artistry even a song, a game and a lovely bee poem recital.

What a fabulous weekend! Great catching up with other clubs and learn so much about bees. There was Beekeeping equipment and novelties to purchase, great food to fill us up and plenty of conversation.

The Colonel Pulling Competition was very diverse with lots of opportunity for members to join in the many new sections. The gala dinner where the trivia quiz was held made for an entertaining evening, it was a very close result.

Come along to the meeting this Thursday night to find out how our club went. This Thursday night meeting we will dissect the outcome of the competition and showcase the items that were entered, we may even hold our own trivia quiz and have an overview of the speakers from club members that attended.

Thank you to everyone that provided honey for the display and competition,

New Members

Winter is a great time to get some answers to questions you may be thinking about but not sure who to ask. Look out for our new ASK ME badges this Thursdays night meeting.

See ya all

Illawarra Branch President