3 New 2018 Course Dates Announced

Book Your Place Today

Firstly, 2 new course dates of Beekeeping for Beginners have been announced for early 2018. To book your place in the course, go to our shop and book your place today! These courses are very limited with less than 20 places each so it’s a good idea if you’re interested in learning the basics of beekeeping that you book in early to avoid disappointment. You can find more details on the courses here and reserve your spot in a course via our safe and fully secure online shop here.

Beeswax Course

For the first time, we have announced a short course focussed on beeswax production and uses. This is a 3 hour course and will include two different ways to process wax cappings into clean usable wax.

Attendees will also learn 2 different ways to use beeswax, Eco wax wraps used to replace plastic food wrap and Lip balm.

Everyone will get to make two Eco Wraps 1 large and 1 small size written instruction and the recipe used. Lip Balm and Lip Scrub with instructions and recipe.

The 3 hour course includes morning tea and is offered for $40. To book your place go to our online shop now! 

Coming Soon Advanced Beekeeping Course: Queen Rearing

After the success in our previous advanced beekeeping courses, we are pleased to announce we will again host a queen rearing course later this year. The course will be held over 2 days and will feature Bruce White. You can read more about our previous queen grafting workshop at our blog here.  Dates are yet to be finalised however if you’d like to express your interest in this course, please drop a line to our Education team with your details, name, email address and phone number via our contact us page.


What You Can Expect to See and Do at Our Course

The Easy Bits

  • an introduction to bee’s, the thousands of years of beekeeping and why we love honey
  • where to start and what to do on the first day, second day and first month
  • what our club facilities are, how to get more knowledge from all our long time beekeeping members and use of our extensive library of books and DVD’s on bee keeping
  • all the items you need to start and where to put the hive, on a roof, veranda or backyard
  • how to approach the neighbours and get them involved
  • how do you get the bees and how we help you get them into a hive

The Hands on bits

  • We take you down to our hives, kit you up in some protective gear and take the lids off to look inside the working hives to really get you aware of what is happening in a healthy hive
  • The brood box and where the queen is located and how to find her
  • How to set up the hive and ensure your hive is healthy and productive
  • How to inspect the hive and what the hive should look like inside
  • How to make sure the hive is productive and what to look for to make sure the bee’s are producing strong and healthy honey
  • What parts of the hive are needed for all seasons including winter and summer