2019 Meetings: What Would You Like To See

The task of finding a good list of agendas for our meetings is a difficult one. And leaving it to only a couple of people is a huge burden. This goes for our monthly night meetings and field days. So we’d like to hear what you think.

A few plans have already been made but we have about 20 meetings a year to fill. So the committee is hoping this post will get everyone thinking about a good variety of things we can plan for the upcoming year. So to get the ball rolling here, we have listed some suggestions. Many of these have been done before but doing them again can still prove popular. Some Ideas include:

  1. Beekeeping Workshops
  2. Embedding foundation, frame maintenance
  3. Building Native Bee hotels
  4. Building an observation hive for our own apiary
  5. The uses of beeswax, including candle making, balms, polish,
  6. Making Creamed Honey [I know Clem is good at this, maybe he can share his knowledge and actually do a batch as a demonstration]
  7. Honey Swap Meet – Members bring in a sample of there own honey to share in tastings and swap their honey with others
  8. Installing a flow hive and measuring its success versus other traditional hives in our apiary
  9. Bee venom gathering
  10. Bee pollen collecting
  11. Propolis collecting
  12. Building a swarm trap
  13. Building a hive beetle trap
  14. Methods for packing down your hive for winter including how to store frames
  15. Recipes with honey
  16. Testing for AFB, EFB, and other diseases

Please use the comments box below to fill in your suggestions, or comments.