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    Getting Started

    When it comes to raising honeybees, there’s plenty of buzz out there. Before you get started, be sure that you are ready to handle the task. Read up on the pros and cons, including costs. Once you’ve done that, get started! Here are some preliminary planning considerations regarding where to place your apiary and what your bees will need.

    Know The Laws

    Be sure to check with your local laws. Your local council or municipality may have restrictions on beekeeping, such as how many hives you may have (which can serve to provide a means for controlling bee diseases). There may even be an ordinance prohibiting beekeeping. In New South Wales, there is a regulation that requires beekeepers to register their apiary locations and pay a small annual registration fee.

    Beyond the laws, it’s important to make sure that your neighbours are comfortable with and not seriously opposed to your keeping bees in the community. Find out if anyone has serious allergy issues—so serious that they would need to visit a medical facility if stung.

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