Why Keep Bees

Bees are under threat worldwide and Australia as an island is currently protected from many of the issues affecting bees world wide. It is believed Einstein said that if the bee population suddenly died out, humans would have only 4 years to live.

Bees pollinate plants and without plants we wouldn’t have food. The whole of life on earth relies on bees. By becoming a bee keeper you are helping the local population of bees to be maintained in a managed way that will help ensure the bees survive should¬† some of these global issues arrive on our shores.

Keeping Bees is a truly fascinating hobby for all ages that can easily be practiced no matter how small your house block is, we have members with bees in Sydney city terrace blocks only 3.5 meters wide. If you have a vegetable garden it will greatly benefit from the extra pollination from your own hive and you also get the benefit of making your own raw honey…its yum fresh produce.