Objectives of Our Association

  • To increase the knowledge of bees and bee culture;
  • To improve the standard of beekeeping amongst amateur beekeepers;
  • To assist in the study of subjects allied and relevant to apiculture;
  • To foster intelligent observation and good practical handling of bees;
  • To afford advice and assistance to beginners;
  • To arrange lectures, discussions, demonstrations and field days for the benefit of members;
  • To assist members in the acquisition of suitable apicultural literature and equipment by purchase or loan;
  • To seek out and assist people who are interested and qualified to carry out research work on bees and bee culture and to arrange for assistance in the recognition, control and treatment of diseases affecting bees;
  • To protect the honey and pollen flora of New South Wales and the interests of beekeepers;
  • To encourage the observance of the Apiaries Act and Regulations.
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