Learn Beekeeping

Do you want to get away from mass-produced supermarket honey and learn how you can harvest honey from your backyard? One hive will produce more honey than you will need for the year so you will find you can either give away or sell the rest. Like most things, there is a right and wrong way to keep bees.

Established in 1961, our Sutherland based club has many years of combined experience and knowledge. We are all about teaching the safe and low-stress way to urban beekeeping, making sure your neighbours and family are all involved and it’s all done in a low stress,  bee environment.

Can I Keep Bees?

Ever wondered if you can have honey bee’s in your own backyard?

Learn the Right Way

We will teach you how to install and manage beehives in your own backyard or rooftop

Where Can I Get Bees?

We will provide you with the best choices from around NSW Australia

Tried and True Sources

Where you get the bees and how to keep them healthy and happy

Why We Need Bees

Learn why we need bees and the important part they play in our lives

Bee Involved

Honey is just a small part of what bees provide. Learn about the important part bees play in our environment.

Produce Your Own Honey

Keep bees and soon you too can harvest your own honey to share

The Best Methods

Good beekeeping comes from good management and practices. You will learn from experienced beekeepers.

Our Courses

Our club and its 170+ members have more and more interest from the community asking how to keep bees in a more natural and chemical free way,  so this year we are again running several hands on courses from our apiary in Sutherland. We kit you up and get you working with the bee’s in the first hour and over the two weekends will show you all you need to know to get started with you own bees and what gear you do and don’t need. After you complete the introduction course, you can join our club or another close by, for continued support and mentoring as you want to know more and ensure your bees are happy, docile and easy to manage.  Keeping them docile and happy will ensure you harvest healthy pure honey simply.

Topics Covered in the Beginners Course

The Easy Bits

      • an introduction to bee’s, the thousands of years of beekeeping and why we love honey
      • where to start and what to do on the first day, second day and first month
      • what our club facilities are, how to get more knowledge from all our long time beekeeping members and use of our extensive library of books and DVD’s on bee keeping
      • all the items you need to start and where to put the hive, on a roof, veranda or backyard
      • how to approach the neighbours and get them involved
      • how do you get the bees and how we help you get them into a hive

The Hands on bits

      • We take you down to our hives, kit you up in some protective gear and take the lids off to look inside the working hives to really get you aware of what is happening in a healthy hive
      • The brood box and where the queen is located and how to find her
      • How to set up the hive and ensure your hive is healthy and productive
      • How to inspect the hive and what the hive should look like inside
      • How to make sure the hive is productive and what to look for to make sure the bee’s are producing strong and healthy honey
      • What parts of the hive are needed for all seasons including winter and summer

What Student’s Say

A good mix of presentation, discussion and hands on.
Beekeeping Beginner Student
Good well articulated presentation with a touch of humour. Very helpful pre-reading was provided. Congratulations & well done by all.
Beekeeping Beginner Student
The value for money for this course was better than I expected. Practical beekeeping.
Beekeeping Beginner Student