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The Amateur Beekeepers Association of NSW (ABA) runs a swarm removal program where an experienced and registered beekeeper from just about anywhere in NSW will come and collect the swarm safely and with little or no cost to you. These bees will then be rehomed to a more suitable area.

If you are in NSW, Australia, have a problem with a swarm of bees and would like them removed simply enter the 4 digit postcode where the swarm is located and a beekeeper(s) details will appear that may be able to remove the swarm for you. Simply contact the beekeeper(s) listed for more details.

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NOTE: If this fails and you are local to Sutherland NSW, you may also contact our own swarm collections co-ordinator who may also be able to assist with collection.

Illawarra Beekeepers Swarm Collections Co-ordinator

Geoff Henning 0466 976 520