Traineeships in Beekeeping

ft Melissa Wortman from ITAB | ABA of NSW Field Day 2019

NSW was the first state to offer many beekeeping eductation initatives. For example the NSW governemt provides funding to give high school students the opportunity to learn beekeeping in the HSC.  From 1st January 2020 courses, such as Certificate 3 in Beekeeping AHC31818,  have are free for successful applicants.

Recorded Live at Amateur Beekeepers Association of NSW 2019 Field Day. In this video, Melissa presents Traineeships in Beekeeping. Melissa Wortman is the Executive Officer of the NSW Agrifood Industry Training Advisory Body. A not for profit organisation who receives funding from the NSW Department of Education. The ITAB provides the primary source of advice to the Department on skill shortages in the beekeeping industry. Melissa has worked in the Vocational Education and Training industry for over 20 years in numerous industries such as utilities, forestry and agriculture. Melissa has been responsible for getting the new Certificate III in beekeeping available for the HSC in NSW which she will tell you about in her presentation.

This video was made possible because of the generosity and willingness of the presenter, to share knowledge and expertise. And also with the assistance in the form of a subsidy from the Amateur Beekeepers Association of NSW. Thanks to all in the ABA and others involved in this project who supported it’s release. You can find out more about the ABA at

A special thanks to the illawarra beekeepers assoc. inc. for the use of their venue and facilities. You can find out more about illawarra beekeepers at

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00:00 intro by Neal Robinson

01:00 Melissa Wortman iTAB School Based Training

01:17 backgroud wth Agrifood Industry Training

01:38 NSW Agrifood ITAB

02:52 units in Certificate 3 in Beekeeping AHC31818

03:38 Available Traineeships inBeekeeping

04:30 What are Traineeships?

05:25 FEE FREE Traineeships in Beekeeping

05:43 School Based Traineehips in Beekeeping

06:37 NSW incentives for Traineeships in Beekeeping for the HSC

07:01 Targeted Traineeships in Beekeeping

08:10 NSW Students now graduating School with Beekeeping Traineeships

09:17 Employer benefits of Beekeeping Traineeships in NSW

10:25 Incentive Pyments for Beekeepers Employing Trainees

11:03 Financial INcentives

11:24 More Info on Beekeeping Traineeships from Melissa Wortman

This is another video in a number that we have produced for members of the illawarra beekeepers Association and all hobby beekeepers for the management of their colonies.

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