SBS World News Story on Manuka Honey Filmed at our Apiary

On Monday 4 November 2017, SBS visited our apiary at Sutherland to film a short piece on beekeeping and Manuka Honey. SBS World News journalist,  Rena Sarumpet, spoke to Bruce White about bees and beekeeping, captured a few shots around the apiary with Bruce and Ian Phillips and got a close up look at a few open beehives. The SBS story features some opinions from New Zealand beekeepers and our own Australian researcher and micro biologist, Shona Blair. The story explains “Manuka honey is highly valued for its anti-bacterial and other health properties – retailing for up to $150 per kilogram. With international demand growing, New Zealand honey producers have sought to shore up their NZ $260 million a year export industry, by seeking exclusive trademarks in the US, China, Britain and New Zealand itself.”

Press the button below to jump to the SBS online video (approx. 3 minutes)