Rendering Beeswax [the easy way] with Bruce White

A Step By Step Video

Rendering Beeswax THE EASY WAY Video. The new video in our first series of Beekeeping for Beginners Videos will be released later today. In this video we look at rendering beeswax the easy way. No need for a wax melter, or a specially modified urn. Just a few things almost everyone would have in their house is all that’s needed. It’s ideal for the amatuer beekeeper with only 1 or 2 hives and it’s easy enough for almost anyone to do.

Video Contents

Chapters include:

00:00 intro to rendering beeswax

00:50 what you will need

01:18 rendering beeswax process

01:54 fitting straining cloth to container to filter impurities

02:10 preparing the beeswax for cooling

02:33 common impurities found in beeswax

03:20 alternative method of rendering beeswax without a strainer

03:48 the underside of wax block with slum gum & impurities

04:08 the high value of pure bees wax

04:57 pouring hot beeswax in strainer

06:32 liquid beeswax

06:41 block of beeswax prepared earlier

07:08 beeswax block set with honey on the bottom

This is the first set of a number of videos that members of the illawarra beekeepers Association are doing so that members can see first hand how different beekeepers carry out different operations for the management of their colonies over a 12 month period.”

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