Queen Grafting and Introducing Mated Queens to Established Colonies Workshop

Learn how to Graft and Introduce Queens

We are pleased to announce the Sydney Metropolitan Branch of the New South Wales Apiarist Association will be holding a workshop in our Apiary on the 18th and 19th February 2017. This workshop will be hosted by Bruce White, OAM

Details for the workshop include:

  • Demystify the task of raising queens yourself
  • A refresher for those who have raised queens before
  • Practical demonstration of equipment and procedures
  • YOU do your OWN graft and check it on day 2
  • Make up a nucleus hive
  • Demonstration of various methods of introducing mated queens to established colonies
  • For experienced bee-keepers
  • Your grafts that take, you can take home!
  • Prepare a starter hive for cell rearing
  • Graft several queen larva
  • Raise cells
  • Make up a nucleus mating hive

Note: This workshop will be hosted in our Apiary by the NSWAA, so to find out more information or to book this advanced beekeeping course, please click the documents button below and follow the instructions therein.

Queenbee Workshop FEB 2017

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About the Author:

Emmanuel has been beekeeping since 2013 and is an active member of the Illawarra Branch of the ABA. He has his own backyard apiary in Sydney's inner west, collects swarms, runs a small hobby website that sells honey and bee products called Save Our Bees and helps with the IT related tasks of our branch.

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