Power Restored at our Bee Club

Recently, major upgrades were carried out to power in our facility and the surrounding area including Waratah Park. During this time, we were without electricity whilst the work was carried out. What follows is a letter of thanks from our Club Secretary, Geoff Henning to Sutherland Shire Council for assisting us during this period.


5 May 2017

Scott Phillips, Esq.
General Manager
Sutherland Shire Council
4 – 20 Eton St

Dear Sir,

Re: Excellent Service provided by your Senior Project Operatives Mick Ryan and Kellie Hayes.

On behalf of our committee members I would like to place on record our sincere gratitude for the efforts that Mick Ryan and Kellie Hayes played in both an informative and practical way to assist us through the protracted electricity supply drama which ended today, not only by keeping us informed over the period of the power outage but more importantly by arranging temporary power for our “Public Open Day” which formed part of The Heritage Festival on 22/4/17, our event would have been a complete disaster had we not had power on the day, in fact we entertained over 350 visitors including many children who were able to use the auditorium on an hourly session basis with the audiovisual and talks as well as our apiary and see honey extraction in progress, the first and last of which activities required an electrical supply.

Once again, thanks to Council for your much appreciated support.

Geoff Henning JP,
Hon Secretary

CC Mick Ryan and Kellie Hayes