Open Day 5th May 2018: A Huge Success

A few days ago, we held our annual open day and we’re happy to say it was a huge success. Thanks to all our visitors, both young and young at heart. Our committee and all the members who pitched in to help out on the day. The open day just seems to be getting bigger and better each year and we can’t wait until the next one. Below are reports from our branch President and Branch Secretary.

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President Report

Illawarra Beekeepers Open Day was held on Saturday May 5 where the doors were once again opened to the community for an interesting opportunity to see inside the world of bees.

The weather was amazing yet again for this annual event and so were the crowds, as they kept on coming all day, our focus this year was on introducing children to Beekeeping. The kids corner with storytime, games and giveaways kept the kids entertained and dressing them up in protective clothing so they can get close to a hive and look inside at all the activity was fun and educational while holding a frame of honey to feel its weight gave them a buzz.
The smorgasbord of different honeys from members was a real treat for honey lovers and the inventive ways to use wax in scented soaps, candles and eco wraps were very popular.

The aroma from the BBQ even bought the nearby neighbors in for a handy lunch and look around. While tea and coffee were served with some delicious homemade cakes and cookies.

Native Bee enthusiast were treated to a wonderful presentation on distinguishing native bees from wasps and flies.

Informative short talks on Beekeeping and honey extraction in the club followed by a hands on demonstration in the extraction room had everyone leaving a little sticky and keen to learn more.

Congratulations to our prize winners and thank you to everyone for visiting us this year, we are already looking forward to next years event.
Club President, Penny Downy.

Secretary Report

I would like to sincerely thank President Penny and her enthusiastic team that worked so diligently and enthusiastically to make the OPEN DAY such a roaring success, many also worked so hard in providing eats, raffle prizes and items for sale to visitors, there are far too many to name individually, however, we all know who they were.

There were a handful over 700 visitors including many children that attended our open day, without exception we had only very positive feedback from all those attending,

It is also noted that there was a spread of publicity in the media which alerted people of the event, without having fully analyzed this information I would confidently state that the results of greatest influence will be in the following order of St. George and Sutherland Shire Leader newspaper, Facebook, referrals from friends, signs and people running, walking and bike riders passing by.

In summary, I would say that good planning of every aspect, for instance, site layout for displays, events and talks/ demonstrations, including hive openings and the native bee demonstration plus the children’s fun corner were all so effective and lastly but not least was our interaction in communicating with our guests.

Congratulations to ALL for a job very well done.

Club Secretary, Geoff Henning.

Kids Corner Hosts Report

Dear Penny and Everyone,

Thanks Penny for your lovely thank you. It was a fabulous day and everyone really did enjoy themselves. What a team at Illawarra we have!

The sun was out, the visitors kept coming, the tea and coffee went down well with the cakes, the sausages kept on sizzling, the talks kept people interested and the honey was walking out the door.

Loved the idea of the honey sandwiches to use the leftover bread. I really think there should be a little stall called BUSY BEE HONEY SANDWICHES next year for the children to partake of this, perhaps the sandwiches in halves or quarters, hmmmm.

I bet all the helpers slept well that night!

Kids Corner Hosts & Members, Maris and Mick

Some Photos from the 2018 Open Day