Jasmine Tea Mead Recipe

A couple of people have asked for the mead recipe, so please find Jasmine Tea Mead recipe attached.

This mead took out 1st place at the NSW Home-brew Championships in 2018 it’s really simple, so give it a go with OBH!


use good honey (Orange Blossom Honey recommended)
1. Make tea the day before (teabags, or try whole-leaf) – leave to cool overnight
2. Mix tea with 40% of the honey & yeast – vigorously in order to add as much oxygen as possible
3. Ferment at between 15 – 20°C – use a temperature controller if possible, if not ferment in Winter
4. Twice daily aerate until 1/3 sugar break (1.018) – stir, shake, with pond-pump or otherwise aerate
5. Daily SNA (Staggered Nutrient Additions) – @ 24hrs, 48hrs & 72hrs – daily check SG & record
6. After about 3 days, the 1/3 sugar break should’ve been reached (1.018) – cease aeration
7. Ferment until fermentation has finished i.e. 1.000 – 1.002 for 3 days – daily check SG & record
8. Back-sweeten with remaining 60% of honey, bottle and pasteurise (with heat, or, chemically)
A. BEGINNERS – Wine bottles for a ‘still’ mead
B. ADVANCED – Delay pasteurisation, use crown-seals for a ‘carbonated’ mead – monitor one plastic
bottle daily for tautness, but be careful! (as bottles will explode if you miss-time it!)