Open Day 22nd April 2017: A Message from Penny Downy

Illawarra Beekeepers Open Day combined with the Heritage Festival this year, the vintage bus ride was a fun way to get around Sutherland and take part in the other exhibits.

The day started out looking like it may rain, however, a few marquees erected, which gave the club a festival feel and we were in business. Some very keen Bee fans arriving right on time to get a good look around and participate in the activities, informative talks on Native Bees, The Life of a Bee, Pollination, and A Short History of the Club, were held every hour in the clubhouse, while outside there were a range of activities.

A new idea this year was the children’s story and games corner, the kids were fascinated and keen to learn about bees. The revamped observation hive was a great success, visitors that were unsure about dressing up in the protective clothing to view inside a working hive were still able to observe a hive in action and spot the Queen as she went about her daily duties. Our club members brought along their honey and other products to sell on the market stall, along with honey tastings.
The ever popular BBQ Sausage Sandwich provided by the club was received well by the hungry crowd and a real fun, informative and pleasant day was had by all attending.