Honeyland Report 2017: Bruce White

Coordinator Honeyland 2017


Honeyland is an opportunity for the NSW Apiarist Associations to promote the industry at the Sydney Royal Easter Show and for all members of beekeeping associations to volunteer together and promote beekeeping to the public

Again another great year for Honeyland with only a few hiccups.

Labels not arriving to the packers, but we got through it OK, extra work to be done by the volunteers as they had to do the labelling as well as the pricing which all takes extra time.

The volunteers were wonderful as usual always turning up on time and working with a smile.

With members of the Amateur Beekeeping Associations supplying the majority of the volunteers.

Thanks to the executive members that took time out of their busy week to help at Honeyland it was appreciated.

Also to the volunteers who went into the Beezbo and did a remarkable job doing 4 shifts a day 10.30, 12.30, 2.30 and 4.30. Wayne Hammond, Geoff Manning, Paul Drew, Doyle Eglehoff, Brian Woolfe, Kurt McEachman Bruce White , Mark Page,. David Lord, Casey Cooper, Malcolm Porter Lamorna Osborne, Ian Phillips. with five being ABA members

As this will be my last year as coordinator at Honeyland I personally wish to thank every volunteer that has worked at Honeyland over the past few years for their dedication it has been a pleasure working with you and hope you have enjoyed coming, Honeyland has been a feature at the Royal Easter Show for 38 years at Sydney Show ground and at Homebush.

A strong supporter of the Bathurst ABA Wayne Hammond has volunteered at every Honeyland for 38 years.

To everyone who donated products for the 800 promotion bags Capilano, Beechworth, Superbee, Stephens Leatherwood, Honey Life, Sydney Branch of NSW Apiarists Association, Sunderland Apiaries and to Jodie Burey and Kieran Sunderland for packing the association branded honey

A special thanks to Margaret Blunden, Bruce Blunden and Lynn White for this year’s Honeyland theme, to Wayne Hammond for providing historic photos of years gone by and photos from the Bingley family, Illawarra beekeepers for old equipment from their bee museum.

The Royal Agricultural Society has always been a strong supporter with councillor Claudia Wythes and Karen Parker-Dolan Manager Competitions and Events printing information on honey for the promotion bag.

Claudia is also heavily involved with the Mudgee ABA branch.

The following volunteers worked at Honeyland some for 1 day, 2 days 3 days and even 4 days.

Romina Rader, Stephen Targett, Robyn Claiborne, Liane Colwell, Robyn Crosland, Barbara Nudd, Kelly Whitaker, Wayne Hammond, Geoff Manning, David Cowling, Lynn White, Bruce White, Shona Blair, Meredith Martin,

Mary Ellen Burke, Kerith Power, Michael Rayner, Boris Yagound, Emily Remnant, Michele Hillig, Heidi Worsley, Tanya Dollan Brown, Kevin Dollan Brown, Julie Leal, Peter Hayes, Martin Radcliff, Ted Sissan, John Barker, Michael Walton, Georgina Walton, Ken Jackson, Lurline Tanner, Elizabeth Frost, Dani Lloyd Pritchard, Warick Smith, Chris Cane, Judy Cioccarelli, Uri Ananin, Marcia Rackman, Dallys Napiorlowski, Casey Cooper, Barbara Elkins, Brian Woolfe, Emma Woolfe, Sara Woolfe, Janice Conlon, Mick Conlon, Mellissa Clark, Scott Larkins, Kurt McEastman, Mark P[age, Rod Kay, Linda Kay, Doyle Eglehoff, Emmanuel Farrugia, Daryl Ryan, David Reid, Vincent Schnyder, Ted Pennay, Lamorna Osborne, Brenden Smith, Brook Lancaster, Ian Phillips, Glenys Newbitt, Cate Burton, Leonie Scarlett, David Scarlett, Barbara Sweeny, Graham Wood, Tony Gordge, Tamara Mantchakidi, Doug Purdie, Shelia Stockes, Mark Kerr, Grace Jerrett, Kate Kerr, John Barker, Malcolm Porter, David Lord, Cecilia McDonald, Rob Michie, Helen Conidaris, John Kemp, John Stephens, Carolyn Sonter, Ian Chalson, John Davis, Dayn Cooper.

Thank you once again to these great people for your help and dedication to the beekeeping industry for helping out at Honeyland.