Vote For Us in the Flow Hive Funding Project

Introduction to bees and Pollinators (school holiday program)

The people at Flow Hive have announced a grants program and we have been announced as a finalist. BUT WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. Voting Closes 14 August 2018 so Please Vote For Us Now!

Our application for the grant competed against many other submissions and we have been shortlisted

With the help of your vote, we may receive a $5000 grant to inspire pollinator champions through a school holiday education program for children hosted by our beekeeping club, Illawarra Beekeepers

Help Us Educate 120+ Local Kids

Our goal is to educate 120-160 primary school-age children about bees and pollinators through a school holiday education program held at Illawarra Beekeepers facility in Sutherland. We plan to hold 6 x 3-hour sessions. During the session, students will learn about how pollinators provide an essential ecosystem service and ways they can help to protect bees and pollinators. They will learn about honey bees and how they differ from native bees and have an opportunity to dress in protective clothing and see inside a beehive, learn about harvesting honey from a Flow Hive versus a traditional hive. Participants will be shown how to make pollinator homes, and be given one, along with an information pack to take home to encourage home activities, like planting a flower garden, and encouragement to continue participating at the Club. Vote Now.

If you click the link here it takes you to a page about all 12 projects. We are 11th on the list, so make sure you select project 11