30th June 2019

Winter Jobs for the beekeeper

It’s winter and the bees are all tucked up in the hive most days, only venturing out when the sun is shining and the temperature is warm. Now is the perfect time to start those long awaited repairs to boxes, frames and other equipment.


If you have been putting off this job for another day or perhaps like me, you’ve been stockpiling for a couple of years, now is a great time to make a start on those repairs. Bring in your broken frames and boxes and lets get stuck into them, we will have lots of supplies on hand to help get the job done quickly, the club has a frame board for tightening the tension in the wire frames, sometimes a bit of TLC is all that’s needed, there will be paint, hammer and nails on hand.

The club has a few frames that could do with a spruce up and a couple of boxes that need a lick of paint, we also have a few jobs that need doing around the club so if you have a bit of spare time we would really appreciate a hand.

As beekeepers we are a handy lot and quite good at coming up with a new idea or a different way of doing something, so please bring in your latest project for show and tell.


See ya all Sunday

I’ll even put the kettle on for a cuppa and a chat.