2019 March Field Day Beeswax Products Workshop

Sunday 31 March, 2019 @ 10:00 am

Sugar shake month is coming around once again in April. So we will discuss the process of sugar shaking for varroa.

We Need Your Candle Molds

In preparation for the Open Day in May will be making beeswax products to sell on the day. All crafty hands on deck to make Wax Eco Wraps, Bees Wax Candles, Natural Bees Wax Soap, Lip Balm and Bee Motels. If you have any molds used to make candles, please bring them along so we can make lots of candles. Of course, your molds will be returned to you afterward so make sure to clearly mark them with your name. Also, please bring along spare wax ( no cappings) pinking scissors, 100% cotton patchwork fabric, hollow sticks 30cm length, scraps of plumbing pipe approx 30cm lengths any diameter. Anyone with ideas or products they can donate please contact Penny.

  • the shop will be open from approx 9.30AM
  • the meeting starts at 10.00AM in the clubhouse
  • if weather permits we may inspect beehives in the apiary
  • please bring along your beekeeping protective clothing, if you don’t have an outfit we can provide you one for the event