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We are lucky to welcome Joel Robinson from the Hunter and the Harp to give us a run down on How to make Mead. We will not only feature recipes and methods but we will also have some mead to sample.


A little bit more about Joel…

Hunter and the Harp is the brain child of co-founders and owners Nerida Hanson & Joel Robinson. We’re still in the start up phase, gaining traction into the realm of making mead, perfecting recipes, building contacts and learning, learning, learning as much as we can.
The first product available will be a mead making kit until we can get licensing approval and zoning approval to set up our meadery. These kits will contain all the user needs to perfect their own batch of mead in the comfort of their own home.
Mead is where craft beer was ten years ago and where cider was five years ago, we intend to be at the fore-front of this revolution.

You can find out more about Joel on facebook here