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This month we will host two guest speakers Rob and Sue Edwards featuring a presentation on Hivemind and their recent visit to the New Zealand Beekeeping conference. Hivemind was just one of about 20 exhibitors of hive monitoring devices and systems. Rob will be discussing what they are measuring and what each measure means to the beekeeper, how they report the data and how this data can be used.

New Zealand Conference

The conference was the Apiary New Zealand Annual Conference in Rotorua July 9 to 11 with the main theme of the presentations being Manuka honey and the Varroa problem.

Rob Edwards is a retired Systems/Forensic Accountant with more than 40 years experience. His experience with Computers, IT and electronics goes back to when the computers had their own floor if not a building. Rob has only been active with bees for little more than a year and he now has three colonies, one in Barden Ridge and two in Taralga with the intention of growing the number of colonies in Taralga to ten or more over the coming summer. Rob became interested in the digitisation of beekeeping with the failed crowd funding attempt by Hivemind earlier this year and the number of exhibitors at the Apiary NZ Conference in July.

Sue Edwards is a well-known Physiotherapist in the Shire under her maiden name of Lovelock and developed her interest in beekeeping after her husband, Rob had introduced her to the hobby.