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Field Day 28th April
The girls will be slowing down considerably this month as the days and especially the nights become cooler. It’s time to remove excess honey supplies if you are lucky enough to have some, check the broad for diseases and perform a sugar shake test on the broad. Dones are being forced from the hive, so ecpect to see a couple hanging at the entrance waiting to see if they can seek back in.
The field day will cover different options when it comes to winterising the hive, storing excess frames and feeding options for those with little or no honey in their hives. Great hands on activities for new members, please bring your protective jackets only. Gloves, hive tools and equipment supplied by the club.
Tom Gillard from Western Sydney Uni will be returning to give an update on his artificial insemination of queen bee studies.
Please don’t forget to bring in any donations for the Open Day Raffle please.
See Ya all