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Top Bar Hives presented by Gavin Smith

Gavin will talk and demonstrate the features and advantages of the Top Bar Hive, also known as the Kenyan hive.

Gavin has inspired and encouraged many individuals into the wonderful world of beekeeping with his work in mentoring and leading beekeeping workshops around Sydney and New South Wales. Along with his vast experience in top bar hives, Gavin is also known to host and help with many Australian native beehives and has appeared in the media and on TV programs such as the ABC’s Gardening Australia with Costa Georgiadis.

The Top Bar Hive is regarded as a simple system that allows all parts of the hive to be hand built from easily found materials. The design originated in Kenya, which is why it is sometimes just called a ‘Kenyan Hive’. Gavin uses this system to keep his bees and is a longtime member of the Sydney City and Inner West Sydney branches of the ABA.

Auction Sale Of Equipment From Bob Perkins’ Estate

This presentation will be followed by a special auction of equipment to members. For more info go to our post here.