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Stuart Anderson, Flow Hive & Bee Swarming a Live Demo

This month, we will be featuring two popular beekeeping topics. The Flow Hive with Stu Anderson & a Bee Swarming Live Demo

Stuart Anderson, Flow Hive Co-Inventor & Director

A long-time chronic tinkerer, Stu has built several houses over the years (including the one in which Cedar was raised, and where he still lives with his partner, Michele Wainwright) and co-designed and built an off-grid solar and water-powered electricity supply to serve a dozen homes on the cooperative. He’s also a life-long beekeeper and before the Andersons’ incredible invention became all-consuming, was the director of a not-for-profit community organisation based in Lismore, NSW. As well as having a hand in the daily decision-making at Flow, Stu is the man on the mic, talking Flow Hive at numerous business and beekeeping conferences and events, in Australia and abroad. Stu is still an avid beekeeper with a passion for the natural world and a family man with four kids and eight grandchildren. Join in for a question and answer session to have your Flow Hive questions answered as only Stuart can.

Bee Swarming a Live Demo

Due to the bad weather at our last artificial swarm collection demonstration, we will attempt this activity again at the October Field Day. 

It’s Swarming season so this month we will feature a live demonstration of a bee swarm in action. Watching a bee swarm will give you an insight of the bee colony’s behaviour and what you can expect from bees when they swarm.  We’ve done this type of demonstration at our apiary last year and it was a very big turn out. If you are planning to collect swarms or would just like to witness this natural wonder, make sure you come along, it’s free! See more info in our blog posts

You can find more information on Swarm Collector’s Standards and Code Of Ethics on our website under the swarm menu item so we recommend you read and understand the standards listed.

  • the shop will be open from approx 9.30AM
  • the meeting starts at 10.00AM in the clubhouse
  • if weather permits we may inspect beehives in the apiary
  • please bring along your beekeeping protective clothing, if you don’t have an outfit we can provide you one for the event